Childrens Report Card

Sacramento County Childrens Coalition

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Sacramento County’s population continues to become more diverse across a range of factors, including age, race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, disability status, and family type.  As such, policy and program planning must be made with particular consideration given to target audiences and the variety of cultural factors that play into the success of an initiative.  Additionally, policy and program decisions must be made with consideration given not just to the current environment, but what the environment will be in the years, and even generations, to come.

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Over the past decade, the Sacramento region’s population has grown – and it will continue to grow – at a rate faster than the state as a whole.  At the current time, Sacramento County’s population is larger than the populations of the other five counties in the region (El Dorado, Placer,

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Race / Ethnicity

Sacramento County’s population is becoming more diverse, particularly in the population under the age of 25. For the Under 25 population, no race or ethnic group constitutes a majority of the population. The diversity is resulting both from births in the county, as well as migration.  A corollary
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In Sacramento County, children, and particularly minority children, are most impacted by poverty.  The county had experienced a slight downturn in the percentage of children living in poverty in 2007, however, the figure is back on the rise and more than 1 in 5
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As a whole, Sacramento County’s population is aging.  However, between 2004 and 2013 the population under 25 grew at a faster rate than the total population overall. By the year 2060 the California Department of Finance projects that one in five residents

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Special Education

Although a mandate, Special Education is not a fully funded program for school districts. Therefore, decisions must be made by school districts about how much they want to augment special education budgets with general fund revenues.  As such,
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Family Structure

Many different family structures exist within Sacramento County.  Multi-generational and even multi-family households are becoming increasingly common, especially since the economic downturn. Unfortunately, a common theme among
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