Childrens Report Card

Sacramento County Childrens Coalition

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Children's Report Card

The Sacramento County Children’s Coalition produces the Children’s Report Card to provide a comprehensive overview of the health and well being of children, youth and young adults in our community. The Children’s Report Card is designed to serve as a foundation for:

  • Guiding policy development;
  • Setting goals for improvement;
  • Tracking changing conditions;
  • Supporting allocation of resources; and
  • Promoting community responsibility for positive change.

Since the first publication in 2000, the Children's Report Card has continued to evolve with new and updated data, reflective of the community's priorities.

Data are presented on 40 different indicators of childhood health and well being in six result areas; demographics, education, family economics, health, safety and social and emotional well being. This edition continues to focus on the diversity that defines our community, and present where possible, data that show areas of disparity by race, ethnicity, and economics within our community.

The Children’s Report Card does not present recommendations. Instead, we encourage everyone - residents, students, parents, providers, businesses, and policy makers alike – to actively use the information presented to think strategically about how we can best serve our children, and ensure a vibrant community for tomorrow.

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