Childrens Report Card

Sacramento County Childrens Coalition

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Enrollment and Attendance

As a whole, annual school enrollment has been very stable in Sacramento County over the past 10 years. There are a variety of school options in Sacramento County, with a vast majority of students attending general public schools. Enrollment in charter schools has increased throughout the decade, but enrollment in all other school types has remained fairly consistent.

Public and Private School Enrollment

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Why is this important?

  • Alternative schools and programs of choice provide a way of adapting an educational program to meet the individual needs of students.
  • Alternative education programs often enroll students who are at risk of dropping out of school.

How are we doing?

  • The student population in both public and private schools has remained stable over the past decade with 7% to 8% of Sacramento County students attending private schools.
  • The number of charter schools and their enrollment has increased annually since 2000.  In 2003, Sacramento county had 18 charter schools with an enrollment of 10,461 students.  In 2011, there were a total of 39 charter schools with an enrollment of more than 22,000 (22,101) students.
  • More than 27,000 (27,051) students in Sacramento County public schools are enrolled in special education classes or receive special education services in full inclusion classrooms.
  • 17% (41,095) of public school students attended alternative education classes, an increase of 103% from 2003.

Data Source: California Department of Education

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 June 2013 13:36