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10 youth Moves Which Are changing the world

I believe we have all discovered, and likely been jaded by, the term"youth is wasted on the young", however does anybody know who said it, or really, why?
When it bugging me for the past couple of years I did a little bit of research and it turns out nobody is really 100% convinced. It was credited to both George Bernard Shaw (a Irish author ) and Oscar Wilde (an English one), but it ends up, neither of them said it entirely and similar to Gandhi's"be the change you wish to see on earth", it is a misquote, and also yet one which is much more often than not entirely misused. (The oldest reference I found is really from a book printed in the 1930's that was a branded 10,000 Jokes, Toasts, & Stories!)
Seeing as it is International Youth Day we chose to correct this wrong, do a little study and show the world how beautiful young men and women may be. Only look at these inspirational Global youth moves that are having a Significant effect and changing the world for the better:
While not a motion , GYAN has an essential part as a clearinghouse for the youth moves! It's among the biggest networks of youth businesses created and joins youth-led and youth-serving organisations in over 190 nations.
It is famous for its role in raising youth involvement in the United Nations System. In 2001 GYAN united with TakingITGlobal, an award winning"social network for social good" that carries out its motto to"educate, inspire, and demand" through electronic youth participation, social invention and worldwide education programmes.
ONE Youth Ambassadors are a committed group of volunteers that assist electrify ONE's campaigns around Europe. They lobby decision makers, use the media to boost the profile of their campaigns, and invite people to sign petitions through internet action and neighborhood events!
Due for their participation countless pounds/dollars/euros of financing was allocated to assist the world's poorest receive the services that they have to lift themselves from poverty. Submissions for the next decade program will start in January and program instructions will be submitted here.
Sawa World considers there's a means to end extreme poverty for billions of people in the world. The solution can be found in the heads, hearts and hands of people who suffer it .
Their solutions are shared and documented with Sawa Youth Reporters -- jobless youth within their communities that are educated by local press spouses to become community coworkers. The Youth Reporters create short videos and frequent updates concerning the technical solutions and effect of Sawa Leaders and present them during their area and via local media. This permits other impoverished individuals to feel motivated and also to replicate the answers in their communities!
Scouting offers young people the chance to develop their entire psychological, intellectual, physiological, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible global citizens, as members of the local, national and global communities. You will find National Scout Organisations all Around the World.